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light science & applicationsNanophotonics shines light on hyperbolic metamaterialsHyperbolic metamaterials with a unique hyperbolic dispersion relation allow propagating waves with infinitely large wavevectors and a high density of states. Researchers from Korea...

Two invited reviews on OAM will come soon…

We are pleased be share the news that two invited reviews in the topic of TWISTED LIGHT will come up soon, one in Adv. Opt. Photonics (my first article since the new brand of OPTICA) and the other in Adv. Mater.. Will share the article links soon :-). We hope our...

Invited seminar talk at the UNSW Physics colloquium

Dr Ren will be presenting a seminar talk at the UNSW Physics colloquium on 2nd December 2021 (2-3 pm in Sydney time). Title: Meta-optics: from fundamentals to applications Abstract: Meta-optics, which allows complete wavefront control of light by ultrathin...

Dr Ren won an ARC DECRA Fellowship

This DECRA project will aim to develop entirely new 3D metafibre optics for advanced fibre imaging. PhD and Master positions are available for this exciting project starting from 2022.


New Horizons Research Centre

Monash University

Clayton, VIC 3800,  Australia


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