Project title: All-on-chip twisted light modulator for ultrahigh-capacity data processing

Chief Investigators: Haoran Ren (lead), Judith Dawes. Partner Investigators: Stefan Maier (Germany), Takashige Omatsu (Japan)

The project aims to develop a conceptually new all-on-chip twisted light modulator via photonic integration of a customised twisted-light metasurface with on-chip optical waveguides. The goal is to replace current bulky, slow, and costly spatial light modulators by a compact nanophotonic chip for the generation and detection of multiple twisted-light modes. Project outcomes include new knowledge in photonic integration and 3D meta-optics, and novel nanophotonic devices for twisted light, which will expand applications of twisted light for all-on-chip fibre-optic communications and holographic displays. The ultra-compact, high-capacity, efficient twisted-light modulators are expected to have a practical impact on many photonic applications.