Our Mission

Our nanophotonics research seeks to uncover the underlying physics in structured light-matter interactions at nanoscale. We aim to develop advanced optical materials and nanotechnology to unleash the full potential of structured light in optical and quantum information processing. Our developed photonic devices and systems harnessing multi-dimensions of light have significant research impact on a breadth of photonic applications, including optical and quantum imaging, communications, displays, and sensing.


Our Research Topics

3D meta-optics

Meta-optics transforms future ultrathin, lightweight, and multi-functional photonics.

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Photonic integration

Photonic integration underpins future information processing and computing.

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Metafibre optics

Metafibre optics empowers flexible optical fibres for advanced imaging capabilities.

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Structured light

Structured light enlightens our understanding of light-matter interactions.

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Holographic displays

Holography offers a vital platform for future display technologies, enabling a 3D world onto a screen.

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Nanoscopic optics provides unprecedented resolution to study light-matter interactions.

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Optical sensing

Metasurfaces offer a new platform for optical sensing with high-quality-factor resonances.

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Quantum emission

Meta-optics allows simultaneous imaging and tailoring of quantum emission at room temperature.

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See how we talk about structured light, with a particular focus placed to nanophotonic manipulation of twisted light carrying orbital angular momentum modes.

See our work in the use of 3D meta-optics for twisted light holography and molecular sensing.

See our work in 3D meta-optics. The unleashed height degree of freedom in 3D meta-atoms allows not only more advanced light manipulation but also enhanced light-matter interactions.

See our developed nanophotonic chip for decoding optical information from structured light.


New Horizons Research Centre

Monash University

Clayton, VIC 3800,  Australia


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